Wednesday, May 2, 2012

time has passed

so some serious time has passed since I last ranted. After a gentle nudge from Ms. Vines and Ms. Breslin, I've decided to return to this great medium; that allows me to pollute the internet with my rampant complaining.

On today's episode I'm highlighting the fact that I have aged. I'm having a little dinner party this evening; the main course is wine if you're wondering. Without a hitch I decided to pregame, with coffee. Where has my tolerance and stamina gone? Not that I ever had much but the fact that I'm doubting my ability to get through a few glasses of wine without full octane caffeine pulsing through my veins has me longing for yesteryear. Back when my only pick me up was a Red Bull vodka halfway through my shit show. Or the promise of Taco Bell at the end of the night, which gave me that extra boost to keep consciousness until 2AM. Thinking about 4th meal treks in Auburn brings some adventures to mind in their own right, alas I'll save fast food debauchery for another post. So I close with a toast, from mug to stemware; may I stay awake to enjoy the sloppy company.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

come on

i am having major chipotle withdraws and it's horrible. moe's is absolutely incomparable. if Birmingham can have two chipotle's then I think it's only fair Auburn get one. hell we have nearly every other chain in the greater auburn/opelika area, so where is my chipotle!?

Friday, July 10, 2009


so after a long hiatus, i've returned. and once again, i'm taking business calculus 2. this is my third, and basically final attempt. if i don't pass, i don't graduate. so time to buckle down and really get this crap taken care of. it's safe to say though i think i bombed my first test so let's hope next week's goes world's better! i've included a little abstract from today's notes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i work at the architecture library on campus and spend enormous amounts of time here. that being said, i of course use the restrooms located in the building. something struck me as odd the other day when i came in to relieve myself and saw homemade ads seeking renters. i understand advertisements in bathrooms and have even been amused by some of them. but this just seems a bit too far. how do you even call up the person? "hi, i was taking a crap and saw your ad for a room for rent." yikes! note to people seeking renters, keep your ads outside the bathrooms. just makes you seem a little classier.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


as some of you know i'm a member of Delta Air Lines' airport lounge circuit, the Crown Room Club. as a member you're able to go to their lounges in various cities and sit in a much less chaotic atmosphere than the normal departures area. in addition there are Delta agents there to help you with flight information and they've been a godsend more times than i can count when weather has hit and delays/cancellations are abound. most lounges have staffed bars and i take FULL advantage of this perk. i'm a nervous flyer and a drink or six before a flight helps take the edges off. i pay a hefty sum every year to be a member of this club and enjoy all the benefits. Delta extends lounge access to traveling military personnel, without a fee. i'm all for this. no qualms whatsoever. why not extend these brave people a little comfort and relaxation? HOWEVER. i do have a problem when people wearing the uniforms members of my family have worn with pride and honor get sloshed at the bar because they got in the door for free. not classy and very disrespectful to those of us who pay for membership and pay your salaries! i understand you're defending my rights as an American and i implore you to find another person more thankful than myself for that service. but don't come in to the club and get shit-faced on my dime wearing a uniform that commands respect!

(side note: i know these guys aren't in uniform and i regret not getting a picture of the tens of others of soldiers i've seen in my various trips drinking cocktails in BDU's!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"life after paris"

well i'm back. i thought it was just going to be another trip to Europe, but I was so wrong. i've been to Munich a few times and always thought that it was my favorite city but Paris has taken that title. i don't kid myself in thinking that i lived like a local but we did stay in an apartment, cooked our own meals and spoke the language. i think it would be quite something to live in Paris and as of my return, I've decided that's exactly what i want to do. this city embodies everything i love. the french culture, liberal thought, fashion, love of food and wine, the list goes on. never in my life have i been to a place where i felt so comfortable and i felt genuine regret when it was time to leave. i'll most likely be forced to give up my dream of working in the aviation industry, as Air France has a basic monopoly on that in Paris and they're quite preferential to French/EU citizens. so any American company (like Apple, American Apparel, etc.) or UN organization (ICAO, UNESCO, etc.) hiring in downtown Paris will be getting my resume by next summer. i may change my mind as life goes on, but as of today I want to be a Parisian!

Monday, November 24, 2008

marc in paris

after discovering the "special items" section of the marc jacobs website after a tip off from Ms. Breslin, I've been dying to get to a store and do some damage. well tonight, i did just that. i went to the marc by marc jacobs store here in Paris and bought two awesome tee shirts for 17 euros a pop. i was a little low on cash after a day of dining and climbing the eiffel tour, so i'll be returning with what ever money i have left over on my last day. anyways, here are the two shirts i bought.

the one on the left reads, "marc jacobs loves everyone" and the one on the right is the confederate stars and bars on a gay pride flag, LOVE IT!