Wednesday, December 10, 2008


as some of you know i'm a member of Delta Air Lines' airport lounge circuit, the Crown Room Club. as a member you're able to go to their lounges in various cities and sit in a much less chaotic atmosphere than the normal departures area. in addition there are Delta agents there to help you with flight information and they've been a godsend more times than i can count when weather has hit and delays/cancellations are abound. most lounges have staffed bars and i take FULL advantage of this perk. i'm a nervous flyer and a drink or six before a flight helps take the edges off. i pay a hefty sum every year to be a member of this club and enjoy all the benefits. Delta extends lounge access to traveling military personnel, without a fee. i'm all for this. no qualms whatsoever. why not extend these brave people a little comfort and relaxation? HOWEVER. i do have a problem when people wearing the uniforms members of my family have worn with pride and honor get sloshed at the bar because they got in the door for free. not classy and very disrespectful to those of us who pay for membership and pay your salaries! i understand you're defending my rights as an American and i implore you to find another person more thankful than myself for that service. but don't come in to the club and get shit-faced on my dime wearing a uniform that commands respect!

(side note: i know these guys aren't in uniform and i regret not getting a picture of the tens of others of soldiers i've seen in my various trips drinking cocktails in BDU's!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"life after paris"

well i'm back. i thought it was just going to be another trip to Europe, but I was so wrong. i've been to Munich a few times and always thought that it was my favorite city but Paris has taken that title. i don't kid myself in thinking that i lived like a local but we did stay in an apartment, cooked our own meals and spoke the language. i think it would be quite something to live in Paris and as of my return, I've decided that's exactly what i want to do. this city embodies everything i love. the french culture, liberal thought, fashion, love of food and wine, the list goes on. never in my life have i been to a place where i felt so comfortable and i felt genuine regret when it was time to leave. i'll most likely be forced to give up my dream of working in the aviation industry, as Air France has a basic monopoly on that in Paris and they're quite preferential to French/EU citizens. so any American company (like Apple, American Apparel, etc.) or UN organization (ICAO, UNESCO, etc.) hiring in downtown Paris will be getting my resume by next summer. i may change my mind as life goes on, but as of today I want to be a Parisian!

Monday, November 24, 2008

marc in paris

after discovering the "special items" section of the marc jacobs website after a tip off from Ms. Breslin, I've been dying to get to a store and do some damage. well tonight, i did just that. i went to the marc by marc jacobs store here in Paris and bought two awesome tee shirts for 17 euros a pop. i was a little low on cash after a day of dining and climbing the eiffel tour, so i'll be returning with what ever money i have left over on my last day. anyways, here are the two shirts i bought.

the one on the left reads, "marc jacobs loves everyone" and the one on the right is the confederate stars and bars on a gay pride flag, LOVE IT!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

auburn female dress code

let me start out by saying that i am by no means a fashion icon. however i do try to take pride in the way i look when i walk out the door. especially when i know i'll be walking around a college campus where everyone judges one another simply on appearance. those who say they don't are lying. and those who say that they don't care what others think are either lying too or are shamelessly hopeless.

so apparently the new trend around auburn is for girls to put on some spandex pants, cover those puppies up with some sport shorts and then slide on some ugg boots. barf! whoever came up with this combination and spread the word around needs to be slapped with a fashion violation ASAP. these three items are not meant to be worn together. perhaps if you were on your way to the gym; then shorts covering spandex pants might be permissible. but with uggs? come on. uggs are not a pair of tennis shoes that can be worn with everything. their use needs to be carefully planned. now don't get me wrong. i'm a strong supporter of uggs and am wearing a pair as i write this, but i wear them with consideration. i wear them with boot cut jeans. i understand boys and girls have different applications for uggs but i really think we can all agree they're not an athletic shoe and should not be worn with athletic wear, right? so until the ugg brand release an actual athletic shoe that is marketed as such, let's keep them in the closet unless we're wearing pants, ok?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


as a Californian, rights, freedoms and equalities are all things i rarely take lightly. i know the costs for which these things were provided and i know what a continual struggle it is to keep them. we're now one week and a day past last tuesday's election and a bittersweet taste has been left in my mouth. we, as a nation, will stand up to recognize a truly remarkable step forward in civil rights, the first African-American president. despite your political affiliation or your choice this election, i know we can gather around the fact that our nation has taken a leap forward from its tarnished past of racial discrimination. but unfortunately last tuesday has a black cloud hanging over it. last tuesday, the citizens of California voted to write discrimination into our constitution and ban gay marriage. proposition 8's passage took us a step backward in civil rights. i want to know why someone in our great state would vote against progress and for discrimination.

i was forwarded this link from a friend in New York. i don't normally watch MSNBC and usually choose to get my news from alternative sources other than the big 3 (Fox, CNN and MSNBC). those alternative sources are mainly Real Time with Bill Maher, Deutsche Welle and NPR. anyways, Keith Olbermann usually comes off as a giant tool to me but i like this segment. he makes good points from an uninvolved perspective.

today i read about a movie coming out at the end of the month called Milk. unfortunately i'll be in Paris for it's release, but then again i have the feeling it won't be widely shown in Auburn, Alabama anyways. the film is about the life of San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk, who is portrayed by Sean Penn. Harvey Milk was a gay politician who was killed, along with Mayor Moscone, by a fellow city supervisor. the trailer nearly brought me tears. it portrays a man so passionate for his and his citizens' rights and freedoms that he will brave a barrage of assaults from others. we need someone like that now in California. i see glimmers of hope in Mayor Newsom or Senator Feinstein (Senator Feinstein was actually the President of the Board of Supervisors when both the mayor and Harvey Milk were shot).

in closing, we need to unite as a state and afford our fellow citizens the rights that so many all ready take for granted.