Wednesday, May 2, 2012

time has passed

so some serious time has passed since I last ranted. After a gentle nudge from Ms. Vines and Ms. Breslin, I've decided to return to this great medium; that allows me to pollute the internet with my rampant complaining.

On today's episode I'm highlighting the fact that I have aged. I'm having a little dinner party this evening; the main course is wine if you're wondering. Without a hitch I decided to pregame, with coffee. Where has my tolerance and stamina gone? Not that I ever had much but the fact that I'm doubting my ability to get through a few glasses of wine without full octane caffeine pulsing through my veins has me longing for yesteryear. Back when my only pick me up was a Red Bull vodka halfway through my shit show. Or the promise of Taco Bell at the end of the night, which gave me that extra boost to keep consciousness until 2AM. Thinking about 4th meal treks in Auburn brings some adventures to mind in their own right, alas I'll save fast food debauchery for another post. So I close with a toast, from mug to stemware; may I stay awake to enjoy the sloppy company.