Monday, November 24, 2008

marc in paris

after discovering the "special items" section of the marc jacobs website after a tip off from Ms. Breslin, I've been dying to get to a store and do some damage. well tonight, i did just that. i went to the marc by marc jacobs store here in Paris and bought two awesome tee shirts for 17 euros a pop. i was a little low on cash after a day of dining and climbing the eiffel tour, so i'll be returning with what ever money i have left over on my last day. anyways, here are the two shirts i bought.

the one on the left reads, "marc jacobs loves everyone" and the one on the right is the confederate stars and bars on a gay pride flag, LOVE IT!


Jon Mark said...

please don't get dragged behind a pick-up truck!

I love them, though!

DesignerDiva said...

GAHHHHHHHH I am SOO jealous! I have gotten so desperate that I actually called the SoHo store and made them fax me an order, but instead I will write down everything I want and you will do more damage in San Fran. I love the MJ hearts everyone shirt. I want "protect your largest organ" for skin cancer. Marc is my hero!