Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"life after paris"

well i'm back. i thought it was just going to be another trip to Europe, but I was so wrong. i've been to Munich a few times and always thought that it was my favorite city but Paris has taken that title. i don't kid myself in thinking that i lived like a local but we did stay in an apartment, cooked our own meals and spoke the language. i think it would be quite something to live in Paris and as of my return, I've decided that's exactly what i want to do. this city embodies everything i love. the french culture, liberal thought, fashion, love of food and wine, the list goes on. never in my life have i been to a place where i felt so comfortable and i felt genuine regret when it was time to leave. i'll most likely be forced to give up my dream of working in the aviation industry, as Air France has a basic monopoly on that in Paris and they're quite preferential to French/EU citizens. so any American company (like Apple, American Apparel, etc.) or UN organization (ICAO, UNESCO, etc.) hiring in downtown Paris will be getting my resume by next summer. i may change my mind as life goes on, but as of today I want to be a Parisian!

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Jon Mark said...

Paris is further from New York than Auburn. Not a fan of that, but I have always wanted to visit Paris. I'm jealous!!